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Cheat’s mac and cheese

We’ve all had those days where it’s cold, raining, and generally miserable, and all we want when we get home is some cheese smothered carbs (in my house, this is generally every day that ends with a y). I am a massive fan of good old fashioned mac and cheese, but I don’t always have the time, inclination or indeed, ingredients to whip up a roux, gradually add delicate rivers of milk and whisk whisk whisk until the mixture is perfectly smooth and lump free.  So you can imagine my immense delight when I realised that there was a quick fix. No more weighing flour, no more melting butter. Just simple, tasty perfection in 20 minutes.

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Banana “ice cream”

The weather has been glorious recently, and like a true Brit I have been stripping down to a sundress and flip-flops, developing embarrassingly mis-matched tan lines and eating my own body weight in barbeque food and 99s. Whilst this is an incredibly enjoyable and highly recommended endeavor, I realised (when I eventually came crashing down from the sugar high) that it might be prudent to come up with an ice cream that was still cool and sweet, but a little more nutritious. This quest turned out to be surprisingly easy, because I discovered a magical secret.

You can turn these poor neglected things:


into this amazingly tasty thing:

Banana ice cream

with a method that is incredibly simple and doesn’t even require an ice-cream maker.

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