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White chocolate brownies


I have a confession to make. As a food fan and somewhat professional binge eater, it’s a pretty surprising one. But here goes – I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake. I can’t exactly put my finger on why. I’m a mega chocolate fiend in every other sense, but I’ve had so many dry, dull and tasteless versions of it in cake form that it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Offer me a slice of chocolate sponge or its vanilla equivalent, and I’ll take the vanilla every time. And until I adapted this recipe, that went for brownies too.

Now, I’ll probably get sued by M&S for saying this, but these are not just any brownies. They are decadent, chewy, sticky white chocolate brownies, and they taste totally different from any other version I’ve had before. This recipe is an experimental adaptation of this tried and tested BBC recipe, and trust me when I say that there’s no lifeless cocoa crumbs leftover from these bad boys. I may just be a brownie convert after all.

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Banana and blueberry loaf cake


Sit down, keep calm, and hold on to your hats, because I’ve got a revelation for you. You no longer have to choose between healthy eating and cake (and not just dry old diet cake – proper sticky moist delicious cake).

This banana and blueberry loaf cake may look deceptively decadent, but it’s packed with fruit, reasonably low on sugar, and if you cut it into 12, it’s only around 150 calories a slice. Whether you’re dieting, indulging or simply looking for a sweet treat, I highly recommend that you put the kettle on and get baking.

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Peaches and cream cupcakes

Peaches and cream cupcakes

The Hummingbird Bakery is one of my favourite London food spots. I love their baked goods so much that I dragged my entire family to the South Kensington branch on the day of my graduation, dressed up in all their finery, just to get my hands on one of their cupcakes. When my long suffering boyfriend presented me with their Cupcakes and Muffins cookbook on my 21st birthday, he won such major man points he’s still practically off the scale now, nearly two years later.

These peaches and cream cupcake recipes is one of my favourite discoveries from the collection. They’re incredibly decadent and super sugary – I have a ridiculously sweet tooth and even I can only handle half at a time – but trust me, they’re totally worth the calorie splurge. Plus, they contain fruit, so you can count them as one of your 5 a day.

Well, almost.

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