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Chewy bakery style cookies


Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, and believe me, I love them all. From crumbly, buttery, melt in the mouth bites, to big, doughy lumps of flour and cocoa, I’ve spent my life devouring as many of them as possible. However, for me, nothing beats those big, chewy bakery style cookies – the kind you get in bags from the supermarket, 5 for £1.

I’ve spent many moons searching for a recipe that allows me to make them at home, a low and behold, I’ve found it! I adapted the basic dough from this recipe and chucked whatever I had in the cupboard (six cookies and cream Kit Kats and two bags of chocolate buttons, in case you were wondering) but the beauty of the recipe is that you can literally add whatever you like. Chocolate, nuts, fruit, oats – the possibilities are endless and oh so delicious. Mix it up and let me know what works for you!

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5 baking secrets I wish my mother had taught me

My mother is many wonderful things, but a cook is not one of them. I don’t have fond memories of us licking cake bowls and cutting out cookies in a warm, homey kitchen. In fact, as a notoriously fussy child, I was fed mostly on anything-on-toast and whatever could be thrown in the oven, as the chances of me eating it quietly and not throwing a room shattering tantrum were inversely proportional to the amount of carbs I was served (let’s be honest, not much has changed on this count).

My passion for food arrived when I started having to feed myself, not as the result of any kind of family legacy, and although I’ve had great fun figuring it out for myself, it would have been handy to have the basics in the bag! Here are 5 things I wish my mother had taught me before I jumped on the baking bandwagon.

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