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Easter bunny gingerbread


If there’s one thing my friends and family love about me (read: mock me mercilessly for) it’s my love of a good childhood craft project, and you can’t get much more delightfully childish than these utterly adorable Easter bunny biscuits. Cut from sweet, spicy gingerbread, topped with a generous layer of royal icing and studded with a selection of pick and mix favourites, they conjure up memories of smearing fondant over digestives and calling it cooking, and will make a fun, festive addition to any Easter table.
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Chewy bakery style cookies


Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, and believe me, I love them all. From crumbly, buttery, melt in the mouth bites, to big, doughy lumps of flour and cocoa, I’ve spent my life devouring as many of them as possible. However, for me, nothing beats those big, chewy bakery style cookies – the kind you get in bags from the supermarket, 5 for £1.

I’ve spent many moons searching for a recipe that allows me to make them at home, a low and behold, I’ve found it! I adapted the basic dough from this recipe and chucked whatever I had in the cupboard (six cookies and cream Kit Kats and two bags of chocolate buttons, in case you were wondering) but the beauty of the recipe is that you can literally add whatever you like. Chocolate, nuts, fruit, oats – the possibilities are endless and oh so delicious. Mix it up and let me know what works for you!

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The eternal dilemma of giving food as a gift

I’m just going to put it out there: I LOVE Christmas. I’m the sort of girl who will put on a Christmas album in early November and spend six weeks organising my gift wrapping strategy. I love wearing ugly Christmas jumpers, I love sending out cards and I love putting up the tree (yes, even untangling the hopelessly knotted ball of fairy lights). And of course, I love the food.

However, a strange sense of foreboding comes over me when I think about giving food as a gift. Maybe I overthink it, maybe I’m too obsessive, but there’s definitely something nerve racking about handing over something that you’ve created and hoping that the recipient thinks that it’s as delicious as you do. There are no guarantees – you can’t blame the shop for their poor ingredient choices, or the manufacturer for the bland and boring packaging.

It’s all on you, and that is a scary concept.
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