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White chocolate and peppermint snowflakes

It is much to my boyfriend’s eternal confusion that I adore the combination of mint and chocolate. He will never understand why I always ask for mint choc chip ice cream, the way that fudge chequered with green and brown makes my eyes widen with glee, how I can devour an entire box of mint chocolate Matchmakers in one sitting. Mint chocolate seems to have a bit of a Marmite syndrome going on – you either love it, or you think it’s vile and look upon your girlfriend with utter disgust when she licks the ice cream bowl clean. He may fall into the latter category, but I am definitely and eternally a member of the former.

These white chocolate peppermint snowflakes combine my favourite flavours in a way that a mint chocolate lover can only dream of – they are sweet, sticky, and so so simple to make. Whip up a batch and stack them in a cellophane bag – they make a lovely gift (for anyone who doesn’t retch at the thought of a peppermint cream).

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