Culinary disasters

We all have them. I’m willing to share mine with you. For all the things I can cook, I cannot, for love nor money, cook a decent pancake (much to the disappointment of myself and my housemates every time Shrove Tuesday rolls around). Last night’s effort was no exception.


(Lemon and sugar, in case you’re wondering).

I like to think of myself as a pretty proficient cook, so I was feeling pretty down about my lack of pancake prowess.

Until I found this.

If you too are mourning a batch of over baked brownies, a sunken cake, unrisen bread or any other of those slip ups that we all have from time to time, look at that link. I guaranteed you’ll feel better.

Buzzfeed, I’ve never loved you more!

P.S. What was your worst ever culinary disaster? Leave me a comment and let me know – I’ve got plenty of other stories to share too!

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