10 foods to eat on a snow day

Brr! Baby, its cold outside, and I for one can barely leave the house without sliding to my doom on the slippery ice coated pavements. Here in the UK, we’re experiencing what we call ‘major snowfall’, which to most of the world I’m pretty sure is just ‘really cold rain’. Yes, I’ll openly admit that as a country, we’re pretty rubbish at dealing with snow, and will continue to complain about it until it thaws and we can carry on grumbling about the wind and rain again.

In true Brit tradition, I am hopeless at dealing with gusts of wind and ice, but what I can deal with is the comfort food that I’m entitled to eat when it arrives! Whether you’re still on the new year diet bandwagon or in the mood for some series snow day indulgence, here are my top 10 foods for eating on a snow day.


Macaroni cheese
Macaroni cheese (and pretty much any other kind of baked pasta) is my ultimate comfort food on any day, but on a snow day it’s even more delicious. Try adding some fried bacon or sliced onion to your standard recipe to give it a tasty new twist.

Mashed potato
Mashed potato is only acceptable to me when coated in copious amounts of gravy – but on snow days that’s allowed, right? I also love sweet potato mash, particularly when it’s seasoned with roasted garlic.

Hot chocolate
My favourite snow day memories involve building snowmen with my little sister (I was creative director, she did most of the work) and coming in to a vat of sickly sweet hot chocolate. I’ve seen loads of unusual flavours in stores recently, from peppermint to chili and lime, so I might have to give a new variety a try if this blizzard doesn’t stop soon.

Snow days were basically made for bundling up under a blanket and watching movies, so popcorn is the perfect snack. My movie recommendation? The Wizard of Oz. Every time.

Crumble ties for first place with strudel in my list of the best hot puddings, and it’s so easy to make at home. In my opinion, it must be served with lashings of cold custard and the topping should always have oats, but any recipe can be amended to suit personal preference.


Porridge is a classic breakfast food, but given the opportunity, I could eat it for every meal for days on end. I like mine with a dollop of fruit compote or a generous drizzle of golden syrup, but a topping of fresh fruit like banana or apple would help keep the calories down and the sweetness up.

As a vegetarian, stews aren’t that exciting in my book, but I have been experimenting recently and I’m starting to come round to the idea. They’re packed with veggies and really good for you – plus, who can resist the call of a dumpling?

Soup is so virtuous, but so delicious, and something that we should all be eating more of. They’re super simple to make on your own stove, but if you’re out and about in the cold, I highly recommend a visit to Pret – their soups are the best I’ve had on the high street by far.

Baked apples
If you’re hankering after a hot dessert but don’t want the saturated fat of pastry, try baking an apple (or any other fruit for that matter). A drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon is all they need to go from cold and crunchy to sticky and sweet in less than 30 minutes.

Jacket potatoes
The humble jacket potato has often been seen as a dull dinner option for days when you’ve got nothing more exciting in the cupboards, but when they’re made properly, they’re a revelation. Microwave them on high for 5-10 minutes to get them cooking, roll them in olive oil and salt and pop them into a hot oven for 45 minutes until the skins are crispy and the middle is fluffy. I’ll take mine topped with Heinz baked beans, please.

What are your favourite foods to eat on a snow day?

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