New foods I tried this weekend

Courtesy of Tuk Cho

  • Goi cuon (veggies and tofu in some kind of rice noodle wrap) – 5/10
  • Yasai yaki udon (udon noodles with veggies, soy, sesame and chilli) – 6/10 
  • Ginger ice cream – 7/10, mainly for its similarity to gingerbread cookie dough. 

Courtesy of Tuk Cho’s confused chef:

  • Some kind of shrimp dish. Definitely not veggie friendly – 0/10 for compromising personal values!

Courtesy of Wahaca:

  • Cactus tacos – 2/10, even though they took the spines out!
  • Frijoles – 7/10, very tasty.

Courtesy of Sugar Sin

  • Chocolate covered raspberry gummy bears – 6/10, too much like turkish delight.
  • Butter bones (sweet, butterscotchy candy) – 9/10
  • Sweet peanuts – 9/10, thanks to my inner peanut butter junkie.
  • Bumlings (strawberry and blueberry varieties) – 10/10, for taste and hilarious name.



lbs gained this weekend: ohhh, thousands.



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