Banana “ice cream”

The weather has been glorious recently, and like a true Brit I have been stripping down to a sundress and flip-flops, developing embarrassingly mis-matched tan lines and eating my own body weight in barbeque food and 99s. Whilst this is an incredibly enjoyable and highly recommended endeavor, I realised (when I eventually came crashing down from the sugar high) that it might be prudent to come up with an ice cream that was still cool and sweet, but a little more nutritious. This quest turned out to be surprisingly easy, because I discovered a magical secret.

You can turn these poor neglected things:


into this amazingly tasty thing:

Banana ice cream

with a method that is incredibly simple and doesn’t even require an ice-cream maker.

You will need: 2 bananas, 2tbsp milk, vanilla extract

  1. Roughly chop up the bananas and pop them in a tray on the freezer.
  2. When they have been in for a couple of hours, and are hard to the touch, pop them in a blender with 1 tbsp of milk and a drop of vanilla extract per banana. They will go a little grainy and flakey on first whizz, but keep scraping the sides down and keep blending, and your patience will be rewarded.
  3. Serve! The result is smooth, creamy banana “ice cream” that satisfied even my fruit avoidant teenage sister and her friends – and let me assure you, that is quite some miracle.

Of course we can’t expect too many miracles, and if you’re desperately craving the real thing then this just isn’t the same as a big fat pot of Chunky Monkey (love you Ben, love you Jerry!) but it certainly scratches the ice cream itch without all the cream and sugar normally associated with a sweet treat, and served with the traditional cone/wafer/sprinkle/flake I’d say it’s a pretty good substitute.

I for one never thought I’d be beating the heat with a banana, but this is a recipe that will definitely be staying in my repertoire for those times when I’ve ignored my bananas for a little too long and am feeling too lazy to make banana bread.

TIP: A lot of websites say you can make this recipe just with the banana, but I found that a dash of vanilla and a couple of tbsp milk really made a difference. Other recipes suggested adding honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, walnuts, toffee pieces – the list is endless and more to the point, delicious. Mix it up and see what happens!

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